michael jordan

The torch has been passed… Lebron James is officially a Los Angeles Laker but that doesn’t move the mountain King James still has to climb – beating the elite Golden State Warriors. How can Lebron possibly do this while leading such a young and inexperienced team? There can only be one answer… Listen as Rundown […]


It’s been 20+ years since the classic “Space Jam” film starring Michael Jordan changed the lives of many across the globe. Now, rumors have been circulating about a sequel to the film starring Lebron James. Listen as Rundown Radio breaks down the possibilities of a second installment to the classic film including a few plot […]


Does R. Kelly’s accusations of being a pedophile take away from his greatness as an artist? Just because OJ Simpson is a potential horrible person doesn’t take away from the fact that he was a great athlete. This also applies in our discussion about great artists like R. Kelly and Michael Jackson. Listen, as we […]


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