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The “King of R&B” has finally fallen after reigning terror and evil for almost 30 years! Lifetime recently aired a docu-series titled “Surviving R. Kelly” and it has shaken the world and opened the eyes of many! Listen as Rundown Radio breaks down the reactions and thought process behind the madness… Listen below:


Once in a while, we come across a surreal experience that reaches the core of our soul. Listen as Rundown Radio vibes out with artist Leon Timbo to create a life changing experience that just might change your life… Listen below:


Does R. Kelly’s accusations of being a pedophile take away from his greatness as an artist? Just because OJ Simpson is a potential horrible person doesn’t take away from the fact that he was a great athlete. This also applies in our discussion about great artists like R. Kelly and Michael Jackson. Listen, as we […]


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