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The self proclaimed king of rap, Tekashi 6ix9ine has topped the charts once again and his antics just won’t go away. Listen as Rundown Radio breaks down the rainbow haired rapper’s Hip Hop run while highlighting other clout chasers trolling the game while trying to gain their fame… Listen below:


The highly anticipated debut album from Cardi B is finally here and it’s got the world going crazy… Okurrr!!! Listen as Rundown Radio breaks down the vibes of the album and highlights the invisible battle with a very quiet Nicki Minaj and much more around this monumental moment in Hip Hop and Rap…… Listen below:


Nicki Minaj has been lacking in a few departments over the last 6 months and we’re a bit concerned. It also doesn’t help that her “ex” Safaree just had every chick’s mouth watering with the recent leaked nudes of his penis size… oh, and let’s not forget the wave that hit and knocked off Nicki’s […]


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