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Could it be that Kanye West has gone mad minus the scientist part? On the brink of his new album release, Mr. West took it to Twitter where he shook the world with his fingertips. Tweeting his love for President Donald Trump, releasing photos of his fat-bodied self wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, […]

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April 25, 2018

Beyonce had y’all in the club hollerin’ “FREE MEEK” and that is exactly what happened after the Philadelphia born rapper served a very controversial sentence in prison. This was after an injustice ruling came from a judge for violating his probation. Listen as Rundown Radio breaks down Meek’s first day out and the energy around […]


Bow Wow is a living legend… there is NO DENYING that. He’s been in the game 20+ years and is still grinding with the release of his newest and most controversial album titled “Edicius” which happens to be “Suicide” spelled backwards. In most recent events, Bow Wow seems to be facing some dark times around […]


It’s clear that Drake has dominated rap since the moment he stepped foot into Hip Hop but we wanted to make things very clear… he is no Jay Z… or is he? Listen as we discuss Drake’s current status in the game and whether he has earned his stripes to be considered one of the […]


Quincy Brown stops by Rundown Radio to talk about his new single “Don’t Know Nothing” along with his current status in the relationship department. Listen to the interview below: Listen to “Don’t Know Nothing” here Follow @Quincy on Instagram


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