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In this culture we love called Hip Hop, we are sometimes blessed with the cleverness of a dope artist giving us their most creative or unique artist name. On the side, we also understand that in this game, there also exist a top 5 list floating in the bottoms of the artist name pool. Listen, […]


Rundown Radio sits down with the Los Angeles based Hip Hop duo MIKNNA to discuss their debut “50|50 (Side A)” EP along with getting into conversations about the current state of Hip Hop. Listen to the interview below: Follow @MIKNNA on Instagram! http://www.MIKNNA.com


Rundown Radio breaks down the Top 5 Hip Hop KINGS straight out of New York City! With names like Jay-Z, RAKIM, Big Daddy Kane, Diddy, LL Cool J, DMX, Nas, 50 Cent and many more… How can you possibly make a top 5 list? Hosts: The Rundown, Krysteezy and The Bad Seed aka Niggaliscage


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