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Leon Timbo vibes… talks spreading love and the importance of mental health

Once in a while, we come across a surreal experience that reaches the core of our soul. Listen as Rundown Radio vibes out with artist Leon Timbo to create a life changing experience that just might change your life… Listen below:

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SECRETS REVEALED: What men really do in the bathroom…

Both men and women have their secret habits… there is no denying that! Listen as Rundown Radio reveals a specific activity that all men have supposedly done in the privacy of their bathrooms. Does this even come as a shocker? Listen now:

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Two old ladies prank call the Waffle House

Bethy Lou and Ethel are new in town and have their taste buds set for some pancakes and waffles. Listen as Rundown Radio takes things to friendly prankster levels…

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Drake doesn’t catch L’s… Pusha T beef, porn star son claims and “I’m upset”

It’s a matter of time where Drake will see the day where he would be handed his first L. In this case of beef and diss tracks, rival rapper Pusha T just might be the right man for the job of handing it to him. Listen as Rundown Radio breaks down one of the most […]

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Lebron James “SPACE JAM 2” (movie spoiler)

It’s been 20+ years since the classic “Space Jam” film starring Michael Jordan changed the lives of many across the globe. Now, rumors have been circulating about a sequel to the film starring Lebron James. Listen as Rundown Radio breaks down the possibilities of a second installment to the classic film including a few plot […]

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