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Racism is wack!! STARBUCKS coffee is in hot water for racial profiling and we’re here for it… literally. Rundown Radio stopped by a local Starbucks to express our feelings and stance on things next to the espresso machines. Listen as we break it down like a coffee bean. Listen below:

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Beyonce SNEAK DISSED Rihanna during her Coachella performance?

Beyoncé had one of the best performances of all time fam! If you missed out on her Coachella 2018 masterpiece, then you missed out on something special. Listen as Rundown Radio gets a little messy around a sneak diss Bey ignited on her own… Listen below:

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Are We Still Listening To Bow Wow in 2018?

Bow Wow is a living legend… there is NO DENYING that. He’s been in the game 20+ years and is still grinding with the release of his newest and most controversial album titled “Edicius” which happens to be “Suicide” spelled backwards. In most recent events, Bow Wow seems to be facing some dark times around […]

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Cardi B “INVASION OF PRIVACY” album review

The highly anticipated debut album from Cardi B is finally here and it’s got the world going crazy… Okurrr!!! Listen as Rundown Radio breaks down the vibes of the album and highlights the invisible battle with a very quiet Nicki Minaj and much more around this monumental moment in Hip Hop and Rap…… Listen below:

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“Drake Thinks He’s Jay Z”

It’s clear that Drake has dominated rap since the moment he stepped foot into Hip Hop but we wanted to make things very clear… he is no Jay Z… or is he? Listen as we discuss Drake’s current status in the game and whether he has earned his stripes to be considered one of the […]

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